• raw ingredient and tools of my trade
  • arugula fennel salad with blood orange
  • toasted bread with pickled shrimp and arugula
  • dressing salad with vinaigrette

Fine Dine-In!

Fresh, delicious food is my passion. I believe in its power to nourish, sustain, delight, and bring people together. I use only the highest quality ingredients, sourcing seasonally, locally, organically and sustainably grown whenever possible. I keep things simple to let the true flavors of each ingredient shine through. Everything I make is prepared with the greatest care to be as delicious, beautiful, and healthy as it can be.

I am well-versed and experienced in crafting delicious gluten-free, organic, paleo, and low fat fare for those with special diets, allergies, or lifestyle preferences.

From menu planning and stocking your refrigerator with freshly prepared meals to special event catering and in-home cooking classes – the answer is a resounding yes, I do! So, save time, stress less, and enjoy a more delicious life.